April 19th , 2018

The Multi-drop Feature is Here

Your Logistic Prayers Have Been Answered

We are excited to announce the launch of the multi-drop feature on the Brisqq platform. Multi-drop allows you to schedule deliveries using one pick-up location and multiple drop-off locations. Our seamless scheduling process optimises the route using the drop-off addresses provided, no matter what order you input them in. This ensures your deliveries get to their destination using the most cost effective and eco-friendly route possible. You have total transparency on the delivery process, live-tracking is available at every stage and the secure Brisqq code ensures only your intended recipient will receive their package.

A Success Story

Watch the video below to see how the multi-drop feature's simplicity and security have transformed Grace & Thorn's business.

'Scheduling multi-drop deliveries is incredibly easy'

Jess, Grace & Thorn 



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